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The Times revealed: Top ten UK property hotspots for the next decade – and the tell-tale signs a neighbourhood is ‘up-and-coming


No. 5 on the list is: Hythe, Kent

The town sits on the English Channel, barely a stone’s throw from France and Belgium.

Despite this, with the help of the HS1 rail link London is little more than an hour away. Picturesque golf courses surround the town, which also benefits from the proximity of the Channel Tunnel.

Average house price is £287,077 rising to £431,334 for a detached property.


Folkestone Harbour regeneration work to begin this year


Work will begin this year, according to the Folkestone Harbour Company

Work on the highly-anticipated regeneration of Folkestone Harbour will begin this year, it has been confirmed. Folkestone Harbour Company will commence work on sea defences in 2016, before applying for planning permission for the first phase of development in the area.

David Crump has been appointed to lead the planning and delivery of the project, which was first mooted more than ten years ago and received planning permission last year.

The announcement was made on the same day as the re-opening of Folkestone Harbour Arm on a permanent basis. He said: “Research indicates that market conditions support the development of Folkestone Seafront at the current time.

“We therefore propose to move forward quickly to help trigger the full range of the socio-economic benefits we expect this project will bring.

“The scale of the development means it will require significant new infrastructure, and it involves the creation of a high-quality environment, all of which comes at significant cost.

“The award of the recently-announced grant of £5.1 million from the Regional Growth Fund has helped to trigger the start of the work we will now undertake.”

Work, which is also being funded by Sir Roger De Haan, will include using additional shingle to reinforce the beach and mitigate the risk of flooding. It is said “lower than average returns” will make the plans “less attractive to conventional developers”.

Mr Crump added: “During the coming months, there will be considerable activity on the site and we shall see significant steps towards the delivery of this major new development for Folkestone and its seafront.” A harbour revision order, which would spell the end of large commerical shipping in the town, has also been submitted by Folkestone Harbour Company.

New Quality Development in Hythe

Fell Reynolds, sole agents have now launched for sale the new gated development in central Hythe ‘Osborne Court’. The quality development consists of 7 houses and 1 maisonette and are due to be completed by the end of June 2016. Prices range between £185,000 – £285,000) The show home is now available to view by appointment. Call us on 01303 266422.

Fell Reynolds Management

Due to another successful year, Fell Reynolds Management have moved to larger premises to house the ever expanding team. Now based at Glenmore, Shearway Business Park, Folkestone.

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